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Why This Blog?

The promotional products industry operates like the retail industry in a lot of ways. Some items are seasonal. Some items fall out of fashion. Some items get replaced with a sightly newer look or color. Some items are simply over produced. And some items are new to the market and put on sale simply to start a ‘buzz”.

And just like the retail industry, when that happens, it means manufacturers have to put good items on low, low clearance, to make way for new stock.

The purpose of this blog is to simply place all those clearance and sale deals our office sees every week onto one easy to access site for our clients.

But be quick. We are certainly not the only office with access to this information, and items are priced to move. Do not be surprised if an item posted one week is sold out the next.

Any questions, send us an email at info@proformagreen.com.

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